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Table III.

Sortase-anchored gene products identified by bioinformatic and proteomic analysis and description of their mutation in S. uberis 0140J.

Gene/Producta Protein accession numberb Mutation ISS1 orientation relative to disrupted CDS Location of ISS1 insertion/deletion from ATG start codon Predicted translation of disrupted mature protein (%)
sub0135 YP_002561505 Insertion Forward 389 bp 10
sub0145 YP_002561515 Insertion Reverse 485 bp 24
sub0207 YP_002561573 Insertion Forward 682 bp 42
sub0241 YP_002561606 Insertion Forward 896 bp 34
sub0826 YP_002562161 Insertion Reverse 664 bp 13
sub0888 YP_002562216 Insertion Forward 205 bp 12
sub1095 YP_002562412 Insertion Reverse 312 bp 14
sub1154 YP_002562469 Deletion Disruption extends from 118 bp 0.6
sub1370 YP_002562668 Insertion Forward 280 bp 5
sub1730 YP_002563003 Insertion Reverse 423 bp 32

Gene annotation according to the genomic sequence of S. uberis 0140J [40].


Protein accession number according to NCBI protein database.