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Figure 2.


Results of transmission studies in ten SPF recipient cats after subcutaneous CMt exposures A V (group A; cats 1–5; A–E) and B III (group B; cats 6–10; F–K). The kinetics of CMt blood load (left y-axis, black squares), PCV value (right y-axis, open squares), and serology as determined by western blot (WB; circles beneath the x-axis) throughout the course of CMt infection. The blood load is presented as the log copy number of DNA template per mL of blood. The PCV is provided as a percentage. Western blot-positive and -negative serum samples are indicated by black and open circles, respectively. Cat 7 (B) received a second subcutaneous inoculation of CMt (Tab. I, exposure B IV) at week 14 p.i. (day 103 p.i.), as indicated by the black arrow.

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