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Effect of intramammary infection and inflammation on milk protein profile assessed at the quarter level in Holstein cows

V. Bisutti, A. Vanzin, S. Pegolo, A. Toscano, M. Gianesella, E. Sturaro, S. Schiavon, L. Gallo, F. Tagliapietra, D. Giannuzzi and A. Cecchinato
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Estimating the nonlinear interaction between somatic cell score and differential somatic cell count on milk production by parity using generalized additive models

Che-Hsuan Huang, Kenji Furukawa and Nobuyuki Kusaba
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Quarter-level analyses of the associations among subclinical intramammary infection and milk quality, udder health, and cheesemaking traits in Holstein cows

S. Pegolo, R. Tessari, V. Bisutti, et al.
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Impact of somatic cell count combined with differential somatic cell count on milk protein fractions in Holstein cattle

V. Bisutti, A. Vanzin, A. Toscano, et al.
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Phenotypic and Molecular Characterization of Bovine Mastitis Milk Origin Bacteria and Linkage of Intramammary Infection With Milk Quality

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Effects of rumen-protected methionine supplementation on production performance, apparent digestibility, blood parameters, and ruminal fermentation of lactating Holstein dairy cows

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Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9 (2022)

Changes in the Lactoferrin Concentration in the Bovine Colostrum During Postpartum Period

Biljana Trajkovska, Ljupche Kochoski, Gordana Dimitrovska, Zehra Hajrulai-Musliu, Risto Uzunov, Vladimir Petkov and Prarabdh C. Badgujar
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Identification of Serum-Predictive Biomarkers for Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Cows and New Insights into the Pathobiology of the Disease

Guanshi Zhang, Dawid Tobolski, Grzegorz Zwierzchowski, et al.
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Effect of somatic cell count of cow’s milk on the lipolysis and fatty acid profile of farmer cheese

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Risk and success factors for good udder health of early lactation primiparous dairy cows

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The relationship between milk somatic cell count and cheese production, quality and safety: A review

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Somatic cells: A potential tool to accelerate low-fat goat cheese ripening

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Effect of somatic cell count on milkability and milk composition of ewes

Lucia Mačuhová, Vladimí­r Tančin, Juliana Mačuhová, et al.
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Differential Somatic Cell Count as a Novel Indicator of Milk Quality in Dairy Cows

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Parenteral administration of l-arginine to twin-bearing Romney ewes during late pregnancy is associated with reduced milk somatic cell count during early lactation

Quentin L. Sciascia, Danitsja S. van der Linden, Francisco A. Sales, et al.
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Clinical and subclinical intrammamay infection caused by coagulase negative staphylococci negatively affect milk yield and its quality in dairy sheep

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Rendimento industrial, eficiência de fabricação e características físico-químicas de queijo colonial produzido de leite com dois níveis de células somáticas

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Effect of somatic cell count on milk fat and protein in different parities and stages of lactation in Holstein cows

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Characterization of Milk from Mastitis-Infected Cows Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectrometry as a Molecular Analytical Technique

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Blood and milk polymorphonuclear leukocyte and monocyte/macrophage functions in naturally caprine arthritis encephalitis virus infection in dairy goats

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Relationship between somatic cell count and milk casein level obtained by two different methods

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Physiological Threshold of Somatic Cell Count in Milk of Polish Heath Sheep and Polish Lowland Sheep

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Infusão intramamária de Weissella confusa afeta a contagem de células somáticas e a contagem diferencial de leucócitos no leite

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Effect of subclinical intrammamay infection on milk quality in dairy sheep: I. Fresh-soft cheese produced from milk of uninfected and infected glands and from their blends

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Influence of race and crossbreeding on casein micelles size

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Proteolytic Systems in Milk: Perspectives on the Evolutionary Function within the Mammary Gland and the Infant

David C. Dallas, Niamh M. Murray and Junai Gan
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Correlações entre contagem de células somáticas e parâmetros físico-químicos e microbiológicos de qualidade do leite

Diego Prado de Vargas, José Laerte Nörnberg, Renius de Oliveira Mello, et al.
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Role of somatic cells on dairy processes and products: a review

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Therapeutic Chlamydophila abortus and C. pecorum Vaccination Transiently Reduces Bovine Mastitis Associated with Chlamydophila Infection

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