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Table I.

The emergence of specific mutations in the genome of CPV that became widespread during the evolution of the virus in dogs.

Mutation(s) that have become widespread Mutant virus name (if any) Year of first recognition (approximate in some cases) Relative prevalence
VP2 residues FPV to CPV Associated with the host range switch from cats to dogs. Result in altered binding to the canine transferrin receptor.
80 Arg to Lys
93 Lys to Asn
103 Val to Ala
323 Asp to Asn
564 Asn to Ser
568 Ala to Gly
VP2 residues CPV-2a 1979 100% by ~ 1980
87 Met to Leu
101 Ile to Thr
300 Ala to Gly
305 Asp to Tyr
VP2 residue 426 Asn to Asp CPV-2b 1984 30–80% between 1984 and 2005
VP2 residue 297 Ser to Ala 1990 Increasing to > 90% by 2000
VP2 residue 426 Asp to Glu CPV-2c 2001 Increasing after 2001, becoming globally distributed; no estimate available
VP2 residue 440, Thr to Ala ~ 2005 Found in several countries around world, no estimate available