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Table I.

Distribution of the main adhesins present in EPEC, EHEC and VTEC strains.

Adhesin Present in pathotypes Host
Bfp EPEC Human, dog
AF/R1 EPEC Rabbit
AF/R2 EPEC Rabbit
Ral EPEC Rabbit
F18 VTEC Pig
Saa VTEC Human, cattle, sheep
EibG VTEC Human
Spf EPEC, EHEC Human, cattle
Efa1 EPEC, EHEC Human, cattle
ToxB EPEC, EHEC, VTEC Human, cattle
Lpf EPEC, EHEC, VTEC Human, cattle
F9 EPEC, EHEC Human, cattle
Paa EPEC, EHEC Human, pig, cattle
Iha EPEC, EHEC, VTEC Human, pig, cattle
AIDA EPEC, VTEC Human, pig