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Table I.

Summary of name, host and geographical origin, and passage number in cell culture of isolates included in this study.

Isolate Host origin Geographical origin* Passage number**
Nc-Spain 2H 2-day-old healthy calf Zaragoza 15
Nc-Spain 3H 52-day-old healthy calf Navarra 11
Nc-Spain 4H 22-day-old healthy calf Navarra 11
Nc-Spain 5H 14-day-old healthy calf León 11
Nc-Spain 6 30-day-old healthy calf País Vasco 11
Nc-Spain 7 57-day-old healthy calf Navarra 16
Nc-Spain 8 2-day-old healthy calf Navarra 17
Nc-Spain 9 7-day-old healthy calf Navarra 19
Nc-Spain 10 2-day-old affected calfa Madrid 13
Nc-Liverpool 4-week-old affected dog UK* 13Rb

* Geographical origin of Spanish isolates is noted according to province. Nc-Liverpool was isolated in the United Kingdom.

** Total passages in cell culture prior to mice inoculation.


Nc-Spain 10 was isolated from a calf with clinical signs, although they could not be attributed to Neospora infection [27].


Total passages after re-isolation in cell culture from BALB/c nu/nu mice.