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Figure 3.


Phenotype of BMHC-derived DC. (A) Forward-side scatter plots of FL-BMDC and GM-BMDC. In FL-BMDC a region for cells with low scatter (SClow) and with high scatter (SChigh) was created. (B) Histogram plots for the markers indicated for cells in the gate defined in (A). The filled histograms represent the conjugate controls, the overlaid lines the expression of the markers of unstimulated (dashed line) or LPS (10 μg/mL) stimulated cells (solid line). The numbers are percentages of positive cells calculated with the Overtone algorithm with the Flowjo software. Data are representative of 5 independent experiments. The * indicates a statistically significant LPS-induced increase of the MFI (p < 0.05; calculated for CD11c, CD45RA, CD14, MHC II, CD80, CD86, CD206 and CD40). (A color version of this figure is available online at

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