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Figure 3.


Primary bovine spleen cells, MNC and BL3 cells respond to both, di- and triacylated LP. (A) Bovine spleen cells were stimulated for 24 h with 1, 10 and 100 nM of di- and triacylated LP with the peptide moieties FEPPPATTT, SK4 or GDPKHPKSF. Activation was measured by [3H]TdR incorporation into the B-lymphocytes and results are expressed in counts per minute per culture. Values are means ± SD of n = 3 and represent the result of 3 independent experiments. (B) Primary bovine MNC and (C) BL3 cells were stimulated for 24 h with 100 nM of Pam2C-SK4 or Pam3C-SK4. IL-8 induction was determined on mRNA level by real-time PCR normalized to the house-keeping gene HPRT. The results are representative for at least 3 independent experiments.

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