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Figure 2.


Three-dimensional model showing the FAD-binding site of GlpO. The “ball and stick” views were obtained with the 3D-Mol Viewer program to display: (A) the predicted structure model of the FAD-binding site of 2RGH:A of Streptococcus [7] and its bound FAD molecule (“stick” view); and (B) the SWISS-MODEL-simulated structure of the FAD-binding site of GlpO of M. mycoides subsp. mycoides SC strain Afadé obtained by taking 2RGH:A from Streptococcus as the template (FAD is not displayed by SWISS-MODEL-generated structure simulation). The protein chains (excluding the FAD-binding sites Gly-X-Gly-X-X-Gly) are illustrated as blue wires. The displayed FAD molecule is shown in red and the amino acids X of the FAD-binding sites are shown in blue while their three amino acids Gly are displayed in yellow. (For a colour version of this figure, please consult

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