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Immune Cells in the Spleen of Mice Mediate the Inflammatory Response Induced by Mannheimia haemolytica A2 Serotype

Zizhuo Jiao, Junming Jiang, Yong Meng, Guansheng Wu, Jiayang Tang, Taoyu Chen, Yujing Fu, Yuanyuan Chen, Zhenxing Zhang, Hongyan Gao, Churiga Man, Qiaoling Chen, Li Du, Fengyang Wang and Si Chen
Animals 14 (2) 317 (2024)

Identification, Biochemical Characterization, and In Vivo Detection of a Zn-Metalloprotease with Collagenase Activity from Mannheimia haemolytica A2

Gerardo Ramírez-Rico, Moises Martinez-Castillo, Lucero Ruiz-Mazón, Erika Patricia Meneses-Romero, José Arturo Flores Palacios, Efrén Díaz-Aparicio, Erasmo Negrete Abascal and Mireya de la Garza
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 25 (2) 1289 (2024)

Pro-inflammatory cytokines and reproductive hormone responses in bucks post-challenge with Mannheimia haemolytica A2 and its outer membrane protein

Nur Amira Azhar, Bura Thlama Paul, Faez Firdaus Abdullah Jesse, et al.
Tropical Animal Health and Production 55 (5) (2023)

Distinct Mannheimia haemolytica serotypes isolated from fatal infections in veal calves and dairy cows

J. het Lam, T.H.J. Derkman, E. van Garderen, R. Dijkman and E. van Engelen
The Veterinary Journal 292 105940 (2023)

The bovine nasal fungal community and associations with bovine respiratory disease

Ruth Eunice Centeno-Martinez, Suraj Mohan, Josiah Levi Davidson, et al.
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 10 (2023)

Mannheimia haemolytica and respiratory complex diseases in calves

Mihai‑Alexandru Pitran, Alexandru Duţulescu, Maria Jalbă and Mario-Darius Codreanu
Practica 4 (1) 58 (2023)

The Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Latency-Reactivation Cycle, a Chronic Problem in the Cattle Industry

Jeffery B. Ostler and Clinton Jones
Viruses 15 (2) 552 (2023)

Development of a spore-based mucosal vaccine against the bovine respiratory pathogen Mannheimia haemolytica

Muhammed Salah Uddin, Jose Ortiz Guluarte, D. Wade Abbott, G. Douglas Inglis, Le Luo Guan and Trevor W. Alexander
Scientific Reports 13 (1) (2023)

The Cell-Mediated Immune Response against Bovine alphaherpesvirus 1 (BoHV-1) Infection and Vaccination

Cecilia Righi, Giulia Franzoni, Francesco Feliziani, Clinton Jones and Stefano Petrini
Vaccines 11 (4) 785 (2023)

Microbiota in Goat Buck Ejaculates Differs Between Breeding and Non-breeding Seasons

María Lorena Mocé, Inés Carolina Esteve, Sara Pérez-Fuentes, Ernesto A. Gómez and Eva Mocé
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9 (2022)


Volkan ÖZAVCI, Çağatay NUHAY and Mehmet ÖZDEN
Etlik Veteriner Mikrobiyoloji Dergisi 33 (2) 59 (2022)

Review of Associated Health Benefits of Algal Supplementation in Cattle with Reference to Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex in Feedlot Systems

Marnie Willett, Michael Campbell, Ebony Schoenfeld and Esther Callcott
Animals 12 (15) 1943 (2022)

Seminal and histopathological alterations in bucks challenged with Mannheimia haemolytica serotype a2 and its LPS endotoxin

Nur Amira Azhar, Bura Thlama Paul, Faez Firdaus Abdullah Jesse, et al.
Tropical Animal Health and Production 54 (5) (2022)

Biological and molecular characterization of a sheep pathogen isolate of Mannheimia haemolytica and leukotoxin production kinetics

Dounia Bkiri, Noha Semmate, Zineb Boumart, et al.
Veterinary World 2031 (2021)

Emergence of fatal Mannheimia haemolytica infections in cattle in the Netherlands

M.M. Biesheuvel, G. van Schaik, N.M. Meertens, et al.
The Veterinary Journal 268 105576 (2021)

Presence of Cathelicidin-1 in Milk as an Indicator of the Severity of Mammary Infection in Ewes

Angeliki I. Katsafadou, Natalia G.C. Vasileiou, George T. Tsangaris, et al.
Current Proteomics 18 (2) 162 (2021)

Biomarkers, immune responses and cellular changes in vaccinated and non-vaccinated goats during experimental infection of M. haemolytica A2 under tropical conditions

Arsalan Maqbool, Bura Thlama Paul, Faez Firdaus Abdullah Jesse, et al.
Microbial Pathogenesis 157 105001 (2021)

Global Transmission, Spatial Segregation, and Recombination Determine the Long-Term Evolution and Epidemiology of Bovine Coronaviruses

Elias Salem, Vijaykrishna Dhanasekaran, Herve Cassard, et al.
Viruses 12 (5) 534 (2020)

Mannheimia haemolytica suşlarının farklı besiyerlerinde üreme ve lökotoksin oluşturma özelliklerinin incelenmesi

Journal of Advances in VetBio Science and Techniques 5 (2) 33 (2020)

Mannheimia haemolytica and lipopolysaccharide induce airway epithelial inflammatory responses in an extensively developed ex vivo calf model

Yang Cai, Soheil Varasteh, Jos P. M. van Putten, Gert Folkerts and Saskia Braber
Scientific Reports 10 (1) (2020)

Effect of apo-lactoferrin on leukotoxin and outer membrane vesicles of Mannheimia haemolytica A2

Christian Avalos-Gómez, Magda Reyes-López, Gerardo Ramírez-Rico, et al.
Veterinary Research 51 (1) (2020)

Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida in Bovine Respiratory Disease

Emily Snyder and Brent Credille
Veterinary Clinics of North America: Food Animal Practice 36 (2) 253 (2020)

Genetic relatedness and antimicrobial resistance in respiratory bacteria from beef calves sampled from spring processing to 40 days after feedlot entry

Yongmei Guo, Christopher McMullen, Edouard Timsit, et al.
Veterinary Microbiology 240 108478 (2020)

Differential quantitative proteomics study of experimental Mannheimia haemolytica mastitis in sheep

Angeliki I. Katsafadou, George Th. Tsangaris, Athanasios K. Anagnostopoulos, et al.
Journal of Proteomics 205 103393 (2019)

Mannheimia haemolytica pleuropneumonia in goats associated with shipping stress

Paula Augusto Taunde, Fernando Froner Argenta, Ronaldo Michel Bianchi, et al.
Ciência Rural 49 (1) (2019)

Pathogenesis, Host Innate Immune Response, and Aerosol Transmission of Influenza D Virus in Cattle

Elias Salem, Sara Hägglund, Hervé Cassard, et al.
Journal of Virology 93 (7) (2019)

Association between Mannheimia haemolytica infection with reproductive physiology and performance in small ruminants: A review

Faez Firdaus Abdullah Jesse, Nur Azhar Amira, Kamarulrizal Mat Isa, et al.
Veterinary World 12 (7) 978 (2019)

Development of Bacterial Therapeutics against the Bovine Respiratory Pathogen Mannheimia haemolytica

Samat Amat, Edouard Timsit, Danica Baines, et al.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 85 (21) (2019)

Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Counteracts Immune Responses and Immune-Surveillance to Enhance Pathogenesis and Virus Transmission

Clinton Jones
Frontiers in Immunology 10 (2019)

Pathogenic Mannheimia haemolytica Invades Differentiated Bovine Airway Epithelial Cells

Daniel Cozens, Erin Sutherland, Miquel Lauder, et al.
Infection and Immunity 87 (6) (2019)

Behavioral changes in group-housed dairy calves infected with Mannheimia haemolytica

C.L. Hixson, P.D. Krawczel, J.M. Caldwell and E.K. Miller-Cushon
Journal of Dairy Science 101 (11) 10351 (2018)

Determination of the level of postvaccinal antibodies to Мannheimia haemolytica leukotoxin in guinea pigs in ELISA kit

O. N. Novikova, Yu. V. Lamaka and D. L. Belianka
Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology" 32 (1) 169 (2018)

A Novel Multiplex PCR-Electronic Microarray Assay for Rapid and Simultaneous Detection of Bovine Respiratory and Enteric Pathogens

Niroshan Thanthrige-Don, Oliver Lung, Tara Furukawa-Stoffer, et al.
Journal of Virological Methods (2018)

Mannheimia haemolyticain bovine respiratory disease: immunogens, potential immunogens, and vaccines

Anthony W. Confer and Sahlu Ayalew
Animal Health Research Reviews 19 (2) 79 (2018)

The Cellular Coactivator HCF-1 Is Required for Glucocorticoid Receptor-Mediated Transcription of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Immediate Early Genes

Laximan Sawant, Insun Kook, Jodi L. Vogel, et al.
Journal of Virology 92 (17) (2018)

Isolation and identification of Mannheimia haemolytica by culture and polymerase chain reaction from sheep's pulmonary samples in Shiraz, Iran

Mohammad Tabatabaei and Fatemeh Abdollahi
Veterinary World 11 (5) 636 (2018)

Mannheimia haemolytica A2 secretes different proteases into the culture medium and in outer membrane vesicles

Gerardo Ramírez Rico, Moisés Martínez-Castillo, Cynthia González-Ruíz, Sarahí Luna-Castro and Mireya de la Garza
Microbial Pathogenesis 113 276 (2017)

Effects of the synthetic corticosteroid dexamethasone on bovine herpesvirus 1 productive infection

Liqian Zhu, Jesse Thompson, Fangrui Ma, James Eudy and Clinton Jones
Virology 505 71 (2017)

Bovine herpesvirus 1 can efficiently infect the human (SH-SY5Y) but not the mouse neuroblastoma cell line (Neuro-2A)

Prasanth Thunuguntla, Fouad S. El-mayet and Clinton Jones
Virus Research 232 1 (2017)

Duration of immunity of a four-valent vaccine against bovine respiratory diseases

Corinne Philippe-Reversat, David Homer, Claude Hamers, Sylvie Brunet and Milan Huňady
Acta Veterinaria Brno 86 (4) 325 (2017)

Mannheimia haemolytica growth and leukotoxin production for vaccine manufacturing — A bioprocess review

Tobias Oppermann, Nadine Busse and Peter Czermak
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 28 95 (2017)

Mannheimia haemolytica and Bibersteinia trehalosi Serotypes Isolated from Merino Breed Lambs in Extremadura (Southwestern Spain)

Sara Fernández, Javier Galapero, Luis Gómez, et al.
Indian Journal of Microbiology 56 (4) 513 (2016)

Impact of Timing and Dosage of a Fluoroquinolone Treatment on the Microbiological, Pathological, and Clinical Outcomes of Calves Challenged with Mannheimia haemolytica

Guillaume Lhermie, Aude A. Ferran, Sébastien Assié, et al.
Frontiers in Microbiology 7 (2016)

A fast and simple assay to quantify bacterial leukotoxin activity

Tobias Oppermann, Stefan Schwarz, Nadine Busse and Peter Czermak
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 24 38 (2016)

Two outer membrane proteins are bovine lactoferrin-binding proteins in Mannheimia haemolytica A1

Luisa Samaniego-Barrón, Sarahí Luna-Castro, Carolina Piña-Vázquez, Francisco Suárez-Güemes and Mireya de la Garza
Veterinary Research 47 (1) (2016)

Frecuencia de lesiones macroscópicas en pulmones de bovinos tipo exportación faenados en el frigorífico del municipio de Montería, Colombia

T. Oviedo-Socarrás, M. Vargas-Viloria and J. A. Cardona
Revista de la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y de Zootecnia 63 (1) 30 (2016)

Identification of Leukotoxin and other vaccine candidate proteins in a Mannheimia haemolytica commercial antigen

Paula Tucci, Verónica Estevez, Lorena Becco, et al.
Heliyon 2 (9) e00158 (2016)

Comparison of Mannheimia haemolytica isolates from an outbreak of bovine respiratory disease

S. Rainbolt, D.K. Pillai, B.V. Lubbers, et al.
Veterinary Microbiology 182 82 (2016)

Mastitis in sheep – The last 10 years and the future of research

A.I. Gelasakis, V.S. Mavrogianni, I.G. Petridis, N.G.C. Vasileiou and G.C. Fthenakis
Veterinary Microbiology 181 (1-2) 136 (2015)

Acylation Enhances, but Is Not Required for, the Cytotoxic Activity of Mannheimia haemolytica Leukotoxin in Bighorn Sheep

Sai A. Batra, Sudarvili Shanthalingam, Gerhard R. Munske, et al.
Infection and Immunity 83 (10) 3982 (2015)

A Large Family of Antivirulence Regulators Modulates the Effects of Transcriptional Activators in Gram-negative Pathogenic Bacteria

Araceli E. Santiago, Fernando Ruiz-Perez, Noah Y. Jo, et al.
PLoS Pathogens 10 (5) e1004153 (2014)

Environmental Attributes to Respiratory Diseases of Small Ruminants

Anu Rahal, Abul Hasan Ahmad, Atul Prakash, Rajesh Mandil and Aruna T. Kumar
Veterinary Medicine International 2014 1 (2014)

Bovine herpesvirus 1 productive infection stimulates inflammasome formation and caspase 1 activity

Jianlin Wang, Jeff Alexander, Matthew Wiebe and Clinton Jones
Virus Research 185 72 (2014)

Immunogenicity of Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica outer membrane vesicles

Sandro Roier, Judith C. Fenninger, Deborah R. Leitner, et al.
International Journal of Medical Microbiology 303 (5) 247 (2013)

Effect of TRIF on permeability and apoptosis in bovine microvascular endothelial cells exposed to lipopolysaccharide

Jason Dubbert, Amy Bowers, Yutao Su and David McClenahan
The Veterinary Journal 198 (2) 419 (2013)

Bovine Herpes Virus 1 (BHV-1) and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1) Promote Survival of Latently Infected Sensory Neurons, in Part by Inhibiting Apoptosis

Clinton Jones
Journal of Cell Death 6 JCD.S10803 (2013)

Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Regulatory Proteins bICP0 and VP16 Are Readily Detected in Trigeminal Ganglionic Neurons Expressing the Glucocorticoid Receptor during the Early Stages of Reactivation from Latency

Leticia Frizzo da Silva, Insun Kook, Alan Doster and Clinton Jones
Journal of Virology 87 (20) 11214 (2013)

Investigation ofMannheimia haemolyticabacteriophages relative to host diversity

Y.-H. Hsu, S.R. Cook, T.W. Alexander, et al.
Journal of Applied Microbiology 114 (6) 1592 (2013)

Mannheimia haemolytica A1-induced Fibrinosuppurative Meningoencephalitis in a Naturally-infected Holstein–Friesian Calf

S. Aschenbroich, N. Nemeth, R. Rech, et al.
Journal of Comparative Pathology 149 (2-3) 167 (2013)

Sequence diversity of the leukotoxin (lktA) gene in caprine and ovine strains of Mannheimia haemolytica

C. Vougidou, V. Sandalakis, A. Psaroulaki, E. Petridou and L. Ekateriniadou
Veterinary Record 172 (16) 424 (2013)

Adenosine-5′-triphosphate release by Mannheimia haemolytica, lipopolysaccharide, and interleukin-1 stimulated bovine pulmonary epithelial cells

Michael Craddick, Rakhi Patel, Amanda Lower, et al.
Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 149 (1-2) 58 (2012)

A Review of Hypothesized Determinants Associated with Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Die-Offs

David S. Miller, Eric Hoberg, Glen Weiser, et al.
Veterinary Medicine International 2012 1 (2012)

Regulation of the latency–reactivation cycle by products encoded by the bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1) latency-related gene

Clinton Jones, Leticia Frizzo da Silva and Devis Sinani
Journal of NeuroVirology 17 (6) 535 (2011)

Domestic sheep (Ovis aries) Pasteurellaceae isolates from diagnostic submissions to the Caine Veterinary Teaching Center (1990–2004)

David S. Miller, Glen C. Weiser, Alton C.S. Ward, Mark L. Drew and Phillip L. Chapman
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Mannheimia haemolytica leukotoxin binds cyclophilin D on bovine neutrophil mitochondria

Nicole A. Aulik, Katrina M. Hellenbrand, Dagmara Kisiela and Charles J. Czuprynski
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Evaluation of protein expression in bovine bronchoalveolar fluid following challenge with Mannheimia haemolytica

Jamie L. Boehmer, Jeffrey A. DeGrasse, Vicki A. Lancaster, et al.
PROTEOMICS 11 (18) 3685 (2011)

Dominant expression of interleukin-8vsinterleukin-1βand tumour necrosis factor alpha in lungs of lambs experimentally infected withMannheimia haemolytica

E Redondo, A Gázquez, A García, S Vadillo and AJ Masot
New Zealand Veterinary Journal 59 (5) 225 (2011)

Comparison of repetitive PCR and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis for the genotyping of Mannheimia haemolytica

C.L. Klima, T.W. Alexander, L.B. Selinger, et al.
Journal of Microbiological Methods 81 (1) 39 (2010)

The induction of lymphoid follicle-like structures in the ovine teat duct following experimental infection with Mannheimia haemolytica

I.A. Fragkou, M.P. Dagleish, N. Papaioannou, et al.
The Veterinary Journal 184 (2) 194 (2010)

Mannheimia haemolyticaand Its Leukotoxin Cause Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation by Bovine Neutrophils

Nicole A. Aulik, Katrina M. Hellenbrand, Heather Klos and Charles J. Czuprynski
Infection and Immunity 78 (11) 4454 (2010)

Serial evaluation of physiologic, pathological, and behavioral changes related to disease progression of experimentally induced Mannheimia haemolytica pneumonia in postweaned calves

Gregg A. Hanzlicek, Brad J. White, Derek Mosier, David G. Renter and David E. Anderson
American Journal of Veterinary Research 71 (3) 359 (2010)

Genome Sequences of Mannheimia haemolytica Serotype A2: Ovine and Bovine Isolates

Paulraj K. Lawrence, Weerayuth Kittichotirat, Roger E. Bumgarner, et al.
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A three-way comparative genomic analysis of Mannheimia haemolytica isolates

Paulraj K Lawrence, Weerayuth Kittichotirat, Jason E McDermott and Roger E Bumgarner
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Bacterial Pathogens of the Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex

Dee Griffin, M.M. Chengappa, Jennifer Kuszak and D. Scott McVey
Veterinary Clinics of North America: Food Animal Practice 26 (2) 381 (2010)

Identification of Mannheimia haemolytica Adhesins Involved in Binding to Bovine Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Dagmara I. Kisiela and Charles J. Czuprynski
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Exposure to pathogens and incidence of respiratory disease in young bulls on their arrival at fattening operations in France

S. Assié, H. Seegers, B. Makoschey, L. Désiré‐Bousquié and N. Bareille
Veterinary Record 165 (7) 195 (2009)

Porcine CD18 mediatesActinobacillus pleuropneumoniaeApxIII species-specific toxicity

Philippe G.A.C. Vanden Bergh, Laurent L.M. Zecchinon, Thomas Fett and Daniel Desmecht
Veterinary Research 40 (4) 33 (2009)