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Editorial: Perspectives in the biotechnology of artificial insemination in ruminants

Stefan Gregore Ciornei, Omer Ucar, Graça Lopes and Mihai Cenariu
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 11 (2024)

Mastitis impact on high-yielding dairy farm’s reproduction and net present value

Alina Borş, Silviu-Ionuț Borş and Viorel-Cezar Floriștean
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Identification of Inflammatory and Regulatory Cytokines IL-1α-, IL-4-, IL-6-, IL-12-, IL-13-, IL-17A-, TNF-α-, and IFN-γ-Producing Cells in the Milk of Dairy Cows with Subclinical and Clinical Mastitis

Zane Vitenberga-Verza, Māra Pilmane, Ksenija Šerstņova, et al.
Pathogens 11 (3) 372 (2022)

Diagnostic utility of measuring serum amyloid A with a latex agglutination turbidimetric immunoassay in bovine mastitis: Comparison with haptoglobin and alpha 1 acid glycoprotein

Marina OTSUKA, Mieko SUGIYAMA, Takaaki ITO, et al.
Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 83 (2) 329 (2021)

Development of ELISA against milk haptoglobin for diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in goats

Sarasati Windria, Siti Isrina Oktavia Salasia, Widi Nugroho, Rini Widayanti and Soedarmanto Indarjulianto
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İneklerde Subklinik Mastitis Tanısında Akut Faz Proteinlerinden Amiloid A ve C-Reaktif Protein Düzeylerinin Değerlendirilmesi

Dicle Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi 14 (2) 131 (2021)

Modern view on the etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of mastitis in cows

M. A. Ladanova, E. D. Javadov, K. V. Plemyashov, A. A. Stekolnikov and O. B. Novikova
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Exploring the attitudes of Bavarian farmers towards pain in cattle and how they differ from the attitudes of bovine veterinarians

Theresa Tschoner, Carola Sauter‐Louis, Verena Peinhofer and Melanie Feist
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Ex vivo tumor necrosis factor-alpha response of blood leukocytes in Danish Holstein-Friesian cows stimulated by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria isolated from mastitic milk

Momena Khatun, Birthe M. Damgaard, Jens B. Andersen and Christine M. Røntved
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Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA, C22:6, ω-3) Composition of Milk and Mammary Gland Tissues of Lactating Mother Rats Is Severely Affected by Lead (Pb) Exposure

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Causes, types, etiological agents, prevalence, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, effects on human health and future aspects of bovine mastitis

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The Effect of Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Experimental Bovine Mastitis on Clinical Parameters, Inflammatory Markers, and the Metabolome: A Kinetic Approach

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IL-1β directly inhibits milk lipid production in lactating mammary epithelial cells concurrently with enlargement of cytoplasmic lipid droplets

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Concentrations of bovine lactoferrin and citrate in milk during experimental endotoxin mastitis in early-versuslate-lactating dairy cows

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Acute Phase Proteins in Bovine Milk in an Experimental Model of Staphylococcus aureus Subclinical Mastitis

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Transgenic Cows That Produce Recombinant Human Lactoferrin in Milk Are Not Protected from Experimental Escherichia coli Intramammary Infection

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The potential of measuring serum amyloid A in individual ewe milk and in farm bulk milk for monitoring udder health on sheep dairy farms

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Factors associated with early and mid-to-late fetal loss in lactating and nonlactating Holstein cattle in a hot climate1

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