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Design and Characterization of a Recombinant Brucella abortus RB51 Vaccine That Elicits Enhanced T Cell-Mediated Immune Response

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Brucellosis in dairy herds: Farm characteristics and practices in relation to likely adoption of three potential private–public partnership (PPP) vaccination control strategies in West and Central Africa

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adriana trotta, Mariarosaria Marinaro, Margie Cirilli, Alessio Sposato, Rosanna Adone, Matteo Beverelli, Domenico Buonavoglia and Marialaura Corrente

Adriana Trotta, Mariarosaria Marinaro, Margie Cirilli, Alessio Sposato, Rosanna Adone, Matteo Beverelli, Domenico Buonavoglia and Marialaura Corrente

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Evaluation of Duration of Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of Improved Influenza Viral Vector–Based Brucella abortus Vaccine Against Brucella melitensis Infection in Sheep and Goats

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Lethality of Brucella microti in a murine model of infection depends on the wbkE gene involved in O-polysaccharide synthesis

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Nanotherapeutic provides dose sparing and improved antimicrobial activity against Brucella melitensis infections

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adriana trotta, Mariarosaria Marinaro, Margie Cirilli, Alessio Sposato, Rosanna Adone, Matteo Beverelli, Domenico Buonavoglia and Marialaura Corrente


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