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Genetic characterization of newly emerging avian reovirus variants in chickens with viral arthritis/tenosynovitis in Israel

Yigal Farnoushi, Dan Heller and Avishai Lublin
Virology 589 109908 (2024)

Detection of avian reovirus (ARV) by ELISA based on recombinant σB, σC and σNS full-length proteins and protein fragments

Tatiana Reichert Assunção de Matos, Ana Paula Gori Palka, Claudemir de Souza, Stenio Perdigão Fragoso and Daniela Parada Pavoni
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Reconstruction of Avian Reovirus History and Dispersal Patterns: A Phylodynamic Study

Giovanni Franzo, Claudia Maria Tucciarone, Giulia Faustini, Francesca Poletto, Riccardo Baston, Mattia Cecchinato and Matteo Legnardi
Viruses 16 (5) 796 (2024)

Diagnostic investigation of avian reovirus field variants circulating in broiler chickens in Pennsylvania of United States between 2017 and 2022

Muhammad Zubair Shabbir, Haiyang Yu, Megan E. Lighty, Patricia Ann Dunn, Eva A. Wallner-Pendleton and Huaguang Lu
Avian Pathology 1 (2024)

Avian Orthoreoviruses: A Systematic Review of Their Distribution, Dissemination Patterns, and Genotypic Clustering

Saba Rafique, Farooq Rashid, You Wei, Tingting Zeng, Liji Xie and Zhixun Xie
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Identification and genetic correlation of avian reoviruses to the currently used vaccines in Egypt

Marwa Safwat, Amany Adel, Mohamed Rady, Mohamed H. Hamoud and Walid H. Kilany
German Journal of Veterinary Research 4 (1) 1 (2024)

Evaluation of the Performance of a New Pentavalent Vaccine in Poultry

EC Muniz, CMB Freitas, BC Godoi, CC Barbosa, SM Aoki, GBC Salles, AJ Lima Neto and JR Vogt
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Molecular Detection and Genetic Characterization of Vertically Transmitted Viruses in Ducks

Xinrong Wang, Haidong Yu, Wenli Zhang, Lizhi Fu and Yue Wang
Animals 14 (1) 6 (2023)

Whole Genomic Constellation of Avian Reovirus Strains Isolated from Broilers with Arthritis in North Carolina, USA

Islam Nour, Sonsiray Alvarez-Narvaez, Telvin L. Harrell, Steven J. Conrad and Sujit K. Mohanty
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A Snapshot on the Genomic Epidemiology of Turkey Reovirus Infections, Hungary

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Isolation and Genotypic Characterization of New Emerging Avian Reovirus Genetic Variants in Egypt

Ali Zanaty, Zienab Mosaad, Wael M. K. Elfeil, et al.
Poultry 2 (2) 174 (2023)

Avian Reoviruses from Clinical Cases of Tenosynovitis: An Overview of Diagnostic Approaches and 10-Year Review of Isolations and Genetic Characterization

Holly S. Sellers
Avian Diseases 66 (4) (2023)

Molecular and pathological investigation of avian reovirus (ARV) in Egypt with the assessment of the genetic variability of field strains compared to vaccine strains

Samah M. Mosad, Ehab Kotb Elmahallawy, Abeer M. Alghamdi, et al.
Frontiers in Microbiology 14 (2023)

Marked Genotype Diversity among Reoviruses Isolated from Chicken in Selected East-Central European Countries

Bence Gál, Renáta Varga-Kugler, Katalin Ihász, et al.
Animals 13 (13) 2137 (2023)

Identification of the main genetic clusters of avian reoviruses from a global strain collection

Edit Kovács, Renáta Varga-Kugler, Tamás Mató, et al.
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9 (2023)

A Novel Variant of Avian Reovirus Is Pathogenic to Vaccinated Chickens

Rui Liu, Dan Luo, Jinhui Gao, et al.
Viruses 15 (9) 1800 (2023)

Development of a multivalent adjuvanted inactivated vaccine against variant arthrotropic avian reoviruses

Lisanework E. Ayalew, Shelly Popowich, Betty Chow-Lockerbie, et al.
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 10 (2023)

Avian reovirus: a furious and fast evolving pathogen

Sofia Egana-Labrin and Andrew J. Broadbent
Journal of Medical Microbiology 72 (10) (2023)

Analysis of the Immune Response and Identification of Antibody Epitopes Against the Sigma C Protein of Avian Orthoreovirus Following Immunization with Live or Inactivated Vaccines

W.H. Dawe, D.R. Kapczynski, E.G. Linnemann, V.R. Gauthiersloan and H.S. Sellers
Avian Diseases 66 (4) (2023)

Investigations into Increased Incidence of Severe Gizzard Erosions and Ulcerations in U.S. Commercial Broilers

Matthew K. Jones, Charles L. Hofacre, Frederic J. Hoerr, Virginia A. Baxter, Roy D. Berghaus, Holly S. Sellers, Naola Ferguson-Noel and John A. Smith
Avian Diseases 67 (4) (2023)

Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Fowl Adenovirus and Avian Reovirus from Breeder Chickens in Japan in 2019–2021

Makiko YAMAGUCHI, Yu MIYAOKA, Md. Amirul HASAN, et al.
Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 84 (2) 238 (2022)

Isolation and Genomic Characterization of Avian Reovirus From Wild Birds in South Korea

Sang-Won Kim, Yu-Ri Choi, Jong-Yeol Park, et al.
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9 (2022)

Development of a wide-range real-time RT-PCR assay for detection of Avian reovirus (ARV)

Yigal Farnoushi, Dan Heller and Avishai Lublin
Journal of Virological Methods 310 114613 (2022)

Detection and characterization of chicken astrovirus associated with hatchery disease in commercial day-old turkeys in southwestern Nigeria

Adebowale I. Adebiyi, Kerry Mcilwaine, Daniel O. Oluwayelu and Victoria J. Smyth
Archives of Virology 166 (6) 1607 (2021)

An unusual case of haemorrhagic bursa in a pullet flock associated with a genogroup 2 infectious bursal disease virus

Jessica Higgins, Eva Wallner-Pendleton, Linda Michel and Daral Jackwood
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Molecular characterization of avian reovirus causing tenosynovitis outbreaks in broiler flocks, Iran

Seyed Abed Mirbagheri, Hossein Hosseini and Arash Ghalyanchilangeroudi
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Risks and disease aetiologies of compromised performance in commercial broilers kept at lower stocking density and limited antimicrobial use

Beatrice Grafl, Barbara Gaußmann, Tarik Sulejmanovic, Claudia Hess and Michael Hess
Avian Pathology 49 (6) 621 (2020)

Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of partial S1 genes of avian orthoreovirus isolates in Shandong province during 2015–2017

Hao Chen, Min Yan, Yi Tang and Youxiang Diao
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The dynamics of molecular evolution of emerging avian reoviruses through accumulation of point mutations and genetic re-assortment

Susantha Gomis, Davor Ojkic, Suresh K Tikoo, et al.
Virus Evolution 6 (1) (2020)

Investigation of Enteric Viruses Associated With Runting and Stunting in Day-Old Chicks and Older Broilers in Southwest Nigeria

Adebowale I. Adebiyi, Paula L. Tregaskis, Daniel O. Oluwayelu and Victoria J. Smyth
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 6 (2019)

Genetic and pathogenic characteristics of newly emerging avian reovirus from infected chickens with clinical arthritis in China

Xiaohui Zhang, Xiangdong Lei, Lifang Ma, Jiaxin Wu and Endong Bao
Poultry Science 98 (11) 5321 (2019)

Pathogenicity and genomic characterization of a novel avian orthoreovius variant isolated from a vaccinated broiler flock in China

Hao Chen, Min Yan, Yi Tang and Youxiang Diao
Avian Pathology 48 (4) 334 (2019)

Partial Molecular Characterization and Pathogenicity Study of an Avian Reovirus Causing Tenosynovitis in Commercial Broilers

Manuela Crispo, Simone T. Stoute, Rüdiger Hauck, et al.
Avian Diseases 63 (3) 452 (2019)

Isolation and genomic characterization of a novel chicken-orign orthoreovirus causing goslings hepatitis

Jing Yang, Jiajun Tian, Lin Chen, Yi Tang and Youxiang Diao
Veterinary Microbiology 227 69 (2018)

Pathological and molecular findings of avian reoviruses from clinical cases of tenosynovitis in poultry flocks from Brazil

Suyene O Souza, Silvia De Carli, Vagner R Lunge, et al.
Poultry Science 97 (10) 3550 (2018)

Fowl aviadenovirus serotype 1 confirmed as the aetiological agent of gizzard erosions in replacement pullets and layer flocks in Great Britain by laboratory and in vivo studies

Beatrice Grafl, Cristina Garcia-Rueda, Peter Cargill, et al.
Avian Pathology 47 (1) 63 (2018)

Molecular characterization of emerging avian reovirus variants isolated from viral arthritis cases in Western Canada 2012–2017 based on partial sigma (σ)C gene

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Occurrence of reovirus (ARV) infections in poultry flocks in Poland in 2010–2017

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Journal of Veterinary Research 62 (4) 421 (2018)

Phenotypic, genotypic and antigenic characterization of emerging avian reoviruses isolated from clinical cases of arthritis in broilers in Saskatchewan, Canada

Lisanework E. Ayalew, Ashish Gupta, Jenny Fricke, et al.
Scientific Reports 7 (1) (2017)

Whole genome alignment based one-step real-time RT-PCR for universal detection of avian orthoreoviruses of chicken, pheasant and turkey origins

Yi Tang and Huaguang Lu
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 39 120 (2016)

Detection and characterization of two co-infection variant strains of avian orthoreovirus (ARV) in young layer chickens using next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Yi Tang, Lin Lin, Aswathy Sebastian and Huaguang Lu
Scientific Reports 6 (1) (2016)

Optimized polypeptide for a subunit vaccine against avian reovirus

Dana Goldenberg, Avishai Lublin, Ezra Rosenbluth, E. Dan Heller and Jacob Pitcovski
Vaccine 34 (27) 3178 (2016)

Genomic characterization of a novel avian arthritis orthoreovirus variant by next-generation sequencing

Yi Tang and Huaguang Lu
Archives of Virology 160 (10) 2629 (2015)

Genomic characterization of a turkey reovirus field strain by Next-Generation Sequencing

Yi Tang, Huaguang Lu, Aswathy Sebastian, et al.
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 32 313 (2015)

Isolation and molecular characterization of newly emerging avian reovirus variants and novel strains in Pennsylvania, USA, 2011–2014

Huaguang Lu, Yi Tang, Patricia A. Dunn, et al.
Scientific Reports 5 (1) (2015)

Characterization of S class gene segments of a newly isolated turkey arthritis reovirus

Sunil K. Mor, Harsha Verma, Tamer A. Sharafeldin, et al.
Virology 464-465 33 (2014)

Genotyping and Classification of Tunisian Strains of Avian Reovirus using RT-PCR and RFLP Analysis

Ymene Hellal Kort, Hager Bourogâa, Latifa Gribaa, Jihene Hassen and Abdelgelil Ghram
Avian Diseases 59 (1) 14 (2014)

Identification of a new reovirus causing substantial losses in broiler production in France, despite routine vaccination of breeders

S. Troxler, P. Rigomier, I. Bilic, et al.
Veterinary Record 172 (21) 556 (2013)

Complete sequence of a reovirus associated with necrotic focus formation in the liver and spleen of Muscovy ducklings

Dan Wang, Jiajian Shi, Yuan Yuan, Lisha Zheng and Dabing Zhang
Veterinary Microbiology 166 (1-2) 109 (2013)

Molecular characterization of avian reovirus isolates in Tunisia

Ymene Hellal Kort, Hager Bourogâa, Latifa Gribaa, Daniel Scott-Algara and Abdeljelil Ghram
Virology Journal 10 (1) (2013)

Isolation and genomic characterization of a classical Muscovy duck reovirus isolated in Zhejiang, China

Tao Yun, Bin Yu, Zheng Ni, et al.
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 20 444 (2013)

Detection and Differentiation of Avian Reoviruses Using SYBR-Green I–Based Two-Step Real-Time Reverse Transcription PCR with Melting Curve Analysis

Kejun Guo, Teresa Dormitorio, Shan-Cia Ou and Joseph Giambrone
Avian Diseases 56 (2) 369 (2012)

Myocarditis in 9- and 11-Day-Old Broiler Breeder Chicks Associated with a Reovirus Infection

James F. Davis, Arun Kulkarni and Oscar Fletcher
Avian Diseases 56 (4) 786 (2012)

Wide-range protection against avian reovirus conferred by vaccination with representatives of four defined genotypes

Avishai Lublin, Dana Goldenberg, Ezra Rosenbluth, E. Dan Heller and Jacob Pitcovski
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The genomic constellation of a novel avian orthoreovirus strain associated with runting-stunting syndrome in broilers

Krisztián Bányai, Eszter Dandár, Kristi Moore Dorsey, Tamás Mató and Vilmos Palya
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Genetic and antigenic characterization of sigma C protein from avian reovirus

Dana Goldenberg, Metsada Pasmanik-Chor, Michael Pirak, et al.
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Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of the S1 genome segment of turkey-origin reoviruses

J. Michael Day, Mary J. Pantin-Jackwood and Erica Spackman
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Novel Orthoreovirus from Diseased Crow, Finland

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The pathogenesis of turkey origin reoviruses in turkeys and chickens

Erica Spackman, Mary Pantin-Jackwood, J. Michael Day and Holly Sellers
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