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Table I.

Epidemiological variables hypothesized to influence the duration of the stages of serotype O foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) infection in an individual data meta-analysis of the peer reviewed literature.

Variable Description Categories
FMDV stage Stages of FMDV infection Latent
Experimental animal Type of animal exposed to an infective donor via direct or indirect contact Cattle
Small ruminants (sheep and goat)
Donor species Species of the inoculated donor compared to the experimental animals exposed Same species
Different species
FMDV topotypes and strains Topotypes and strains used for the experiment Pan Asia: UKG 2001, NET 2001, and Taiwan/97
European strains of the Euro-SA topotype: BFS 1860, and Brugge
MESA: Greece/94
South American strains of the Euro-SA topotype: Canefa, and Campos
Type of contact Type of contact between donors and experimental animals Direct
Sample site Location in which the exposed animal was sampled for identification of the FMDV Sera (blood, serum)
Upper respiratory tract (nasal swabs, oro-pharyngeal fluids, saliva, pharynx, probang)
Excretion or secretion (prepuce, urine, rectum, feces, milk, semen, vagina)
Clinical signs Clinical signs reported Fever
First vesicles in mouth or feet
Generalized FMD infection
FMD laboratory FMD reference laboratory where the study was carried out Pirbright
Plum Island