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Figure 1.


Detection by immunoblot of IgG against OMP from the Nagasaki strain of H. parasuis. Sera collected 22, 27 and 42 dpt from animals subclinically infected (127, 131, 172 and 198) or immunized with a bacterin (122 and 143) were tested by immunoblotting with H. parasuis Nagasaki OMP. The positions of two early antigens, Omp P5 and Omp P6, and a late antigen, YaeT are indicated. Molecular size standards in kDa are shown on the left. C−: Pooled pre-immune sera; * YaeT: Outer membrane protein assembly factor; ♦ Omp P5: Outer membrane protein P5; ▲ Omp P6: Outer membrane protein P6.

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