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Figure 4.


Functional properties of ovine CD16+/CD14 cells. (A) CD16-mediated lysis of murine P815 target cells bearing an Fcγ receptor by ovine CD16+/CD14 cells or by bovine NKp46+ cells in the presence of an anti-human CD16 mAb (KD1 clone) (filled symbols) or its isotype control (open symbols). Data presented are from 3 sheep and 2 cattle. Each symbol represents the cytotoxicity of NK cells from 1 animal. (B) Direct lysis of ovine fibroblast IDO5 target cells by ovine CD16+/CD14 cells. Data presented are means ± SEM from 8 sheep. (C) IFN-γ release in the supernatants of the cultured CD16+/CD14 cells after 20 h of stimulation with different levels of rhIL-12. Data shown are means ± SEM from 6 sheep.

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