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Figure 1.


MyD88 is required for parasite replication control and host survival to N. caninum infection. (A) Groups of WT and MyD88−/− mice (n = 6 mice/group) were infected at the same time with sub-lethal parasite doses and survival was observed through a 30-day period. Data are representative of five independent experiments. (B) Freshly collected PEC (n = 3 mice/group/date) were analyzed for the presence of parasitophorous vacuoles through Diff-Quick staining. Data are representative of three independent experiments. (C) qPCR analysis of tissues collected from both mice groups (n = 3 mice/group) after 10 days p.i. with N. caninum tachyzoites. (D) Quantification kinetics of tissue parasite burden of WT and MyD88−/− mice detected by parasite-specific immunofluorescent staining. (E) Representative images of tissues obtained from the different mice groups at 10 days p.i. after specific immunostaining for N. caninum (n = 3 mice/group). Histological images are representative of 10 days p.i. and magnification scale is set to 5 μm (200×). * Indicates significant statistical differences (mean ± SEM, p < 0.05).

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