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Table III.

Tick cell lines used for isolation and propagation of SFG Rickettsiae.

Rickettsia Tick species used for tick cell lines Tick cell lines used
R. rickettsii Ixodes scapularis (embryo) IDE2, IDE8, ISE6
Dermacentor albipictus (embryo) DALBE3
R. peacockii Dermacentor andersoni (embryo) DAE100, DAE3, DAE15
Ixodes scapularis (embryo) ISE6, IDE 12, IDE2, IDE8
Boophilus microplus BME26
Dermacentor variabilis DVE1
Ixodes ricinus IRE 111
Carios capensis CCE3
R. monacensis Ixodes scapularis ISE6
Ixodes ricinus IRE11
Dermacentor andersoni (embryo) DAE100
Ixodes scapularis IDE8
R. helvetica Ixodes ricinus IRE11
R. montanensis Ixodes scapularis (embryo) IDE2
Dermacentor albipictus (embryo) DALBE3
R. felis Ixodes scapularis ISE6
Rickettsia spp. (SFG) Rhipicephalus appendiculatus RAE25
Ixodes scapularis IDE2, IDE8
Carios capensis CCE3, CCE2